Short Story: the beach and the bird

by david rasura

The journey starts and ends with two pennies, a falling seagull and a basket full on tomatoes. 

I am bare naked except for the pair of Adidas shoes my friend Kate, who I have known for 10 years got me for my 28th birthday. My feet sink into the pink sand as I breathe in the morning sea-salted air from the ocean. I feel nothing in my heart. Only the mechanics that make up my body that keeps me alive. 

The time is 8:47am. I only know this from the giant clock that rests behind me about fifty-two feet. My time is up and I thought to myself.

"It is time."

I start to walk towards the ocean. A seagull flying just over head yells out and falls to the earth about two feet in front of me. I can see the blood starting to cover the sand. A spark of light emitted from the bird temporally blinding me. It was a penny that was sticking out of the barley breathing bird. I finally looked up to see what had brought the bird down from the sky. In the distance running towards me was a small smiling boy holding a slingshot in his right hand. The boy stopped right next to me to claim his bird. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out another penny. Places it onto the rubber band of his powerful weapon. Pulls back and fires another penny right into the birds head taking the rest of his pain away. I could only look down. 

The boy turns to me. “Why are you naked.”

I didn’t look at him. I could only think about how many fish and crabs lives were going to be saved with the death of this lone gull of the sea. 

A scream echoed behind me and a young woman ran up to us. She grabbed the small boy and gave me a look that only a mother can give when protecting their young. I found myself alone again as the woman ran away holding her little boy. She left a basket full of tomatoes behind. I thought nothing of the basket and my feet turn back to the ocean taking the rest of my body with them. I thought to myself again.

"It is time."

The time is now 8:49am and I start again towards the ocean stepping over the none moving bird. I make it to the start of the water and another scream started from behind me. This scream was different. I looked and saw that the bird was trying to get up. He was still alive and trying hard to stay that way. I knew it wouldn’t last long and that the bird will soon fall prey to mother nature. I took my full of sand shoes off and I was finally stark naked. I lifted my shoes into the air over the bird and swung down to hit the top of my thighs to set free the grains of sand within. I once again replace my bare feet with Adidas leather and start walking to the pile of red tomatoes on the basket. 

The time is now 9:05am. The beach is empty. The taste of salt covers my tongue and the bird sits patiently in the basket. I walk away fully clothed from the ocean, the tomatoes and back to land. I thought to myself.

"It is time."

Sweet 16 x 2 Party

by: david rasura

It’s my birthday and I will shoot on the 7D if I want too.

This is a fun video I shot at a bar with my friend using the Canon 7D. The only light source other than the dim light bulbs around the bar came from the television on the wall and boy did the footage come out great.

The music is by the cults.


Pitching is hard. I like making commercial pitches. They are probably the only time a person can actually create something fun and beautiful in the commercial industry.

The problem is I only get one day to think of something that will not just sell me, but sell the product to the right audience and CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

In the past figuring out how to sell a product took weeks or even months today amounts to one day.